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Pasky's CWCheat Database Editor Rewrite 0.92

New version released.

I did a total rewrite. Now it should be easier to edit and add codes and titles. It now has a more intuitive interface, small footprint and simpler joker code support. I won't bother to list all the features.

However, as of now, it is lacking POPS support (I don't think people even use this for POPs codes anyways) and until I become "un-lazy" and decide to implement it, just add POP codes manually in their respective database.

It is now open source as well, in hopes to help others get a foot hold on programming.

Change log (0.92):
Known Issues:

1. Having a code title with more than one joker code will cause the joker
reader to read only the last joker listed. Not sure if supported will be added to read both.

If you need a code to have support for either/or button press type. Just
make 2 code titles, one each for the button you want.

2. Comments must be made after a code title e.g.:

_C My game
#My comment

Any other comments are ignored.
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