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Xplora 1.8

Xplora is a multifunctional file manager, with this application you can browse the content of the Memory Stick, UMD Disc, Flash 0 or Flash 1.
The first time you can see a good GUI and a great speed in some operations.
The actual file-manager engine support a lot of file types:
- Video (PMF format)
- Text Files
- Music Files (MP3 and OGG)
- Zip Compressed Files
- ISO and CSO backup files
- PSP executables (PBP, ELF and PRX)
- File HTML, PHP and JS
- Flash executables (SWF)

Also contains a lot of integrated utilities:
- UMD Dumper: With that you can dump your UMD's directly to the Memory Stick in ISO or DAX format
- Homebrew Sorter: With that you can sort the XMB Homebrews and Games icons
- NAND Dumper: With that you can dump the entire NAND on the Memory Stick

Change log (1.8):
+ Now at startup the CPU clock is set to 222Mhz (333 is no longer needed)
+ Improved the "Zip manager" that have some bugs in the previous release
+ Added automatic management in the messagebox
+ Added new GUI elements to the main windows manager
+ Added two progressbar while copying\moving folders
+ Improved the "Umd Dumper" with a new interface and some improved functions
+ Added "DAX" support to the "Umd Dumper"
+ Added a new dynamic mouse (Hold [] and move the analog to scroll list)
+ Improved some functions for copying
+ Added some info in the main System Info window
+ Fixed the bootstrap module that have some problems in the previous release
+ Improved the global memory usage
+ Improved the main file manager
+ Added a history feature in the file manager
+ Added a simple utility that can dump the entire NAND on the MS
+ Improved the management of some threads and tasks
+ Improved the visualization in the system tray
+ Improved the "Homebrew Sorter" that now shows the icons and the real names of homebrews, ISO's and CSO's
+ Improved the GUI of the "Music Player"
+ Added ".ogg" support in the "Music Player"
+ Improved the library used to get the Mp3 files infos with some new functions
+ Improved the Mp3 Player that now use Media Engine to decode audio
+ Now during the Music Player the main CPU clock is setted to minimum values
+ Now you can listen to music while using the "Text Editor"
+ Added fadeout effetc to the Mp3 Player
+ Now when the screen is disabled doesn't go to standby
+ Added scree fadeout in the Music Player
+ Now if the headphone is removed while playing some music, music are automatically paused
+ Now you can have a image for background in the main File Manager ( "background.png" in "data" foldef)
+ Completely rewrited the Text Editor, that shows a lot of problems of memory management and rendering speed
+ Fixed some bugs in the loading function of the OSK
+ Note: The Text editor is not 100% completed now, so can have some bugs, sorry!
+ Improved the PMF Player, that now doesn't need to be rebooted
+ Now while viewing some movies you can force stop it with "HOME" button
+ Added a cfw check to enable run only on 4.01 and highter cfw ( Is recommended to update to the last cfw ( 5.00 M33-4 ) for a better compatibility)
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