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XMAME 0.1.2

(Google Translated)

to a text file called xtinyrc.txt

defaultgame omegaf
frameskip 3
samplefreq 11025

Write the line.
xtinyrc.txt and put under the ms0 :/ PSP / GAME / MAME.

Other games when you change appropriately omegaf.

○ × □ △ coin in the 1 ~ 6, SELECT button LR, ends with START + SELECT.
← → at the screen and press the "type OK to continue".

The sample rate is
samplefreq 11025
Be set in line. Slow rate is high. Sound does not come out to 0.

Depth of 32 things will not work.
The driver is only tiny, vanguard omegaf, darius, nova2001.

Based xmame-0.37b16.1.
What is PSP related code has tricks from NEOCD. Thanks be to God NEOCD.
Development was used PSPE.

ms0 :/ PSP / GAME / MAME
+ Xtinyrc.txt

Change log (0.1.2):
Sound began to come out.
Depth is also compatible with 15 and 16 (or namcos1). I have not been put driver.
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