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Worm Warrior PSP 9/20/12

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To install, copy the ‘WormWarrior’ folder, in WormWarriorPSP.rar, to the ‘PSP\GAME’ folder on the memory card or PSP.

The game will work on a PSP with normal or custom firmware, as it was signed with PSPcrypter.

To play use:

Directional Pad to move

X to shooter

Start to start the game

Home to exit.

Change log (9/20/12):
The latest version, downloadable from the same place, should work with the category lite plugin. I tested it with a different folder name, and it had no problems. The archive no longer contains the unencrypted version; since that doesn't appear to be causing any issues.

Thanks again, Another World, for your investigative help.
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