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Wolfenstein 3D v6.0 Dir Mod 0.1

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The official Wolf 3D v6.0 PSP release is set up to support full copies of Wolf 3D, Spear of Destiny 1, 2, and 3, and 2 shareware titles. However, the developer hard-locked the directory structure into 6 folders that appear in the main menu in one specific order.

This project is a directory mod of sorts, basically the folder names remain the same but the files inside them have been swapped around. By doing this we are able to force the menu into displaying the various games in our own personal order. The order I chose was Wolf 3D, followed by the 3 SOD games, followed by two shareware mods of my choosing.

Each directory is assigned a corresponding PNG file. This image file is what gets displayed on the main menu. For this project I updated the image files significantly. A much higher resolution cover photo was used for Wolf 3D, the details are much clearer and the font is crisper. For SOD another higher resolution cover photo was used. For SOD 2 and 3 proper cover photos were used in place of the repeated SOD photo. I had a bit of fun with the shareware games, a quick Santa hat and beard for the XMAS mod and something a bit scarier for the Halloween mod. I also chose to replace the "select game" image with a simple Wolf 3D font and the cursor with an out-of-focus pixilated knife. To round out the whole project I remade the icon, it is now a throwback to the original Castle Wolfenstein game. I also added new background art.


read the included documentation for information on how to set everything up. shareware copies of wolf 3d, SOD 1, and 2 very fun mods are included.

Change log (0.1):
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