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UMD Killer 1.2

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UMD Killer V1.2

*What is UMD Killer?*

UMD Killer is an UMD Dumper. With UMD Killer you can copy your UMDs to your MS, and save your originals to a safe place.
ATTENTION: Only dump UMDs that you legally own. I don't support software piracy.


Copy UMDKiller folder in ms0:/psp/game/
and then boot from xmb.


UMD Killer should works even with VIDEO/AUDIO UMDs.
The dumped GAME image will be saved to ms0:/ISO.
The dumped VIDEO image will be saved to ms0:/ISO/VIDEO.

If you find a bug, or if you have any idea, please contact me! :)



Change log (1.2):
*Added ms0:/ISO and ms0:/ISO/VIDEO folders creations


*1st Public Release :)
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