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Sky Racer 1.0

Hello, I am Musky44, with my new game sky racer. In the game there is 3 game modes, Time Trial: You try to reach the star with the highest score possible, you also try to pick up power-ups which not only give you extra points but give you more ammo for your gun. When you reach the finish line, you get a certain amount of money based on your score and if your score beats the last high-score, it goes on the main menu as high-score.

Survival: Personally my favorite mode, in survival you try to survive as long as possible, you have three hearts, each time your ship crashes you lose a heart, when you lose all three you die ~sm-86.gif~.gif

Two player: In two player you play on the same psp (i am working on adhoc still) and race the other player to the star, there are power-ups also but instead of boosting your score power-ups allow you to hit blocks and warp them in front of your opponent slowing down their progress.

But what do you do with the money you earn? you go to the store

Store: At the store there is lots of nice stuff to get like new ships, new types of bullets, gun upgrades and the fabled fastest ship in the game that only you can discover. (hint: its very colorful)

But to play you need to know the controls
left arrow: move left/ select back
right arrow: move right/ select forward
up arrow: choose class/ move up at store
down arrow: choose class/ move down at store
cross: fire gun/ buy stuff
triangle: choose ship to use
start: erase previous work to start over
The game autosaves so you dont have to worry about saving. it also auto loads.

Change log (1.0):
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