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s9xTYLmecm 091127 mod r23

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s9xTYLmecm 091127 mod r26
About the save data
Please note save the save data because the change from (/ cm) Mod Rev.20 Snes9xTYLmecm.

It was to save the save data to SAVES directory in the directory where the EBOOT.PBP Previously, In response to the demand to want to distinguish in cm and mecm, we have to be stored in ms0 :/ PSP/SAVEDATA/s9xTYL_SAVES directory .

To migrate from an earlier version, do not create a directory s9xTYL_SAVES once, please start as it emulates.

Then file group and necessary because the directory will be created automatically, please copy the file to the directory from s9xTYL_SAVES SAVES directory then.

Change log (r23):
Change 2013/07/06 save data storage directory
Supports large memory that is mounted on the PSP-1000 non-
I had to cooperate with @ Hackinformer's on Twitter (the debug.
If After
But I had to cooperate.
Thank you all! )
Fixed a bug of save data destination path specified
Fixed a bug of 2013/07/07 save data save destination path specified
Fixed a bug of save data destination path specified
There was a problem many times because it was published in the state that it can not use the actual machine from 2013/07/06.
I'm sorry really.
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