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Rise of the Triad 1.01

Rise Of The Triad PSP v1.01
This is a PSP adoptation of Rise Of The Triad, 1st person shooter, originally developed by 3drealms/Apogee.
Special thanks to people @, who developed the SDL/linux version of the game.
Please read the attached documents for credits and other information.

If you are unfamiliar with the game please read this great article:

WHAT'S NEW for 1.01
- Updated for *current* SDK/Toolchain.
- Uses new SDL with TV support. Just hold the TRIANGLE button when you start the game from the XMB.
- New SDL also fixes the pitch problem with the sound effects.
- Uses SDL_mixer for playing the music again.
- Bundled with mini-instruments for much better music while still keeping the size reasonable.
- Changed a couple of the default key mappings for changing weapons and setting the gamma.

WHAT'S NEW for 1.00
- Slim psp support.
- fixed a memory leak bug, crashing the game after 5-10 minutes of playing.
- fixed intro screens / cut scenes
- some performance optimizations to rendering and timidity routines.
- added a PSP screen-size selector.On "Screen Size" selector menu, pressing [Right Arrow]
while at max screen size value, toggles between "Original" (320x240), "4x3" and
"Full Screen" modes.
- added Brightness control.On "Screen Size" selector menu, pressing [Left Arrow] while
at min screen size value, toggles between different brightness settings.
- new psp game icon.

Change log (1.01):
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