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Red Dragon (Experimental) 10/19/2007

Experimental version. RedDragon exp, a Nintendo Virtual Boy EMU

Is for 1.00. Please use 1.5 Sorry to trouble you, but how to convert.

* What is this?
This emulator seems to VB.

* Excuse
ROM to check the operation of selection, but has, since it is not done.
I do not know if it works because it is.

Extension of the image file is probably VB. and probably has been compressed with zip
Does not work.

* Please Sasayakana and curiosity of the producer
Screenshot work miraculously if temporarily, when the screen left just
Could you open to the public or video somewhere?

* Promise
Please use at your own risk.
After, maybe not answer even been asked.

* Known Bugs
- Change palette softening. I do not think has been properly initialized.
- I do not know whether it works
- Unimplemented keyboard
- Not implemented the input pad

Change log (10/19/2007):
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