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Quake II [hardware] (05/02/10)

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Prepare your console, gentlemen, as we Crow_bar decided to please the new port of classic shooter Quake 2. This time it is drawn in HARDWARE mode, so now we can enjoy first-class graphics.

0) As before, the game works only on the PSP Slim
1) Copy "Quake II [hardware]" to the folder PSP / GAME /.
2) From your PC version of Quake2, copy ONLY the ".PAK" files into the "baseq2' folder (included in the "Quake II [hardware]" folder)
3) Run from the menu PSP "Game -> Memory Stick".

No more issues ranged and failures, except, perhaps, the rare moments when you killed the enemy's body hangs in the air, not wanting to fall. A similar statue can be left for others to enjoy, but you can turn for the pieces of "control" ;) All management changes smoothly from the settings menu, so if you want a game you can always adjust by itself.

Oh, yes! I almost forgot that you can now play online with bots. Need to activate them in the folder PSP / GAME / PSPQuakeII QUAKE2.INI finish in the file "+ game crbot", then run the game and create a network Battle, after loading the bots see the setup menu.

Change log ((05/02/10)):
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