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Quake 1 for PSP 1.0 (PSP Slim Optimized)

Homebrew developer Cpasjuste has just rolled out an improved version of Quake 1 for PSP v1.0.

Based on jurajstyk's build that was released a few days ago, Cpasjuste implemented some changes to the source code of the game to make it optimized for the PSP Slim & Lite.

The first release of this port saw the implementation of the single player mode as well as in-game music support, not to mention multiple screen resolutions in software rendering. The following things were added by Cpasjuste:

* Quake heap size is now 40Mb (40Mb of available memory for your hudge quake maps!)
* Disabled debug console that was writing to the memory stick.
* Disabled texture downscale by default
* Libmad software mp3 decoding is replaced by the PSP hardware mp3 decoding!

Change log (1.0 (PSP Slim Optimized)):
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