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pSwan 0.07

pSwan v0.07

WonderSwan Color emulator is running on the PSP.
Are based on the OSwan0.7.
Operation check is performed by the farm only PSP v1.0.

■ Notes
It's late.
May not sound is better.
ROM file size up to 16MB.
SRAM files are not compatible with upstream (OSwan) at the moment.
STATE file without also compatible with the upstream.
※ file format of the config file · SRAM · STATE file are subject to change in the future.
Is going to be able to read files of the previous format even if you change, does not guarantee.

■ How to use
Create the appropriate folder to / PSP / GAME / Memory Stick,
Please put the EBOOT.PBP enclosed.
Please prepare your own ROM. Does not correspond to the ZIP file.

Operation (the default)
○: A button
×: B button
START: Start button
Menu: R button

■ Disclaimer
Please use at your own risk.

■ Other
Than ~ also plan to update
Also organize the source soon. . . What I wrote last time

■ Special Thanks to
Dox Cygne
David Raingeard OSwan
RIN authors of Kichi version Mira & uo
ruka NesterJ for PSP
nem HelloPSP R1 & PSPsound
csd csd library for PSP
A system length of 10 fonts Nagao
MAME project NEC CPU emulator code

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Change log (0.07):
Change the configuration menu. . . Was mostly borrowed from RIN & NesterJ
Background bitmap
(Please put in the same folder as the EBOOT.PBP to PSWANMENU.bmp.)
Change the text color for the menu display
Add key configuration
(Does not correspond to the configuration of settings There are, Y2, Y3, Y4 Y1)
State support save / load (without switching SLOT)

ver.0.06 (2005/06/26)
1-4ch sound. . . Not fit the timing. . .

1ch sound. . . Too dirty.

from 1.01 to 1.02 csd library
Other, forgotten. . .

ver.0.03 (2005/06/09)
from 1.00 to 1.01 csd library (- In addition to speed> Memory Stick access)
Add a Menu
Vertical display support
Display to change the timing test

ver.0.02 (2005/06/08)
Additional file selection feature
SRAM save

ver.0.01 (2005/06/06)
Picture came out anyway
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