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Sorry I couldn't pull off the Barbarian decapitation on video. The game play is much too slow when using RemoteJoy. Without that enabled it plays smooth though. I recommend you download Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior. It's awesome. Configure "Joystick 0" to act on the Analog Stick; swing up and 360 the analog nub around pressing fire (X) at the right time. You'll get it. Press F1 to get a 1-player game going.

Anyway, back to PSPUAE v0.80: don't expect great speeds with AGA enabled, so says FOL...

Still needs alot of work (so don't expect great speeds). I will try to make more time to get it working better, still need sound sorted and HDD support.

To use AGA at the moment, you need to select it on first boot under quick start configuration. I am aware that the menu is screwed up...

Download both the Amiga emulator and Amiga Kickstart rom below. Install PSPUAE like any other homebrew. Rename the Kickstart 1.3 rom to "kick13.rom" and copy that to the PSP/GAME/PSPUAE/KICKS directory. Game disks are typically distributed in adf format and they're copied to the DISKS directory. Start PSPUAE and press select to open the main menu.

There is no read me included with this release. If you're unsure about things, refer to the PSPUAE documentation right here.

Thanks FOL!

Change log (0.80 BETA):
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