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PSPR (PSP Revolution) 1.0

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PSP Revolution is a rythm based game similar to Stepmania and Dance Dance Revolution. During play arrows scroll upwards on the screen, as the arrows scroll over the receptors on the top of the screen the player is to hit the coordinating buttons. PSP Revolutions is compatible with the following file formats: *.sm, *.dwi, *.itg. PSPR supports dynamic backgrounds, speed and rate changes as well as *.mp3, *.ogg and *.wav music files.

Only tested on PSP 2000 GEN D3. Should work just fine on other models and firmware.
Includes three themes - Higurashi, Aoi by Renpatsu and the default theme.

You will need to download songs either off the PSPR official site or you can even download StepMania stepfiles and use them.

Stick PSPR folder in PSP/GAME and run from the XMB

Change log (1.0):
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