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Over at the QJ Forum, Slasher started the thread "Poll for Requested Homebrew", to determine which homebrew application or games he should work on. The GBA emulator emerged as the most requested app (why am I not surprised?). As a result, Slasher released PSP GBA v1.2, the most recent build of the GBA emulator for the PSP originally created by psp298 and Miemt11. (Thanks to rob for the heads up)

The new build features all the basics plus some enhancements.

* Slightly faster emulation
* Fixed up the menu a bit
* State saves/loads
* Vsync, Frame skip, sound on/off, screen size(smoothing)
* ZIP support

At present, the GBA emulator is not working on PSP running on firmware 2.0. Also, the source code has been included for those who want to tackle the project. Slasher has done a great job on this one and we're hoping he continues on...

Change log (1.2):
Slight speed increase, Various Modifications
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