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PsPectrum 1.0.4

You now all know that v1.04 of the ZX Spectrum emulator PsPectrum has just been released, and attached is some bonus background info.

You can now download it from the link above, and there are no worries about downloading any "bios roms" this time, as ZX Spectrum roms are the *only* roms legally allowed to be shared - if you dont believe this, do some research on World of Spectrum where you can read the following statement:

Amstrad, the current owners of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, allow free distribution of the ZX Spectrum ROMs.
(See the message from Amstrad as posted in comp.sys.sinclair for the details)
Therefore, emulation of the machine is not illegal (as opposed to nearly all other computers that are emulated these days).
This of course does not include games "roms" - In the case of the Spectrum these are snapshots or Spectrum "Tape" files (TZX or TAPs) - although World of Spectrum have gone to very good lengths to find permission for a lot of games to be freely distributed. Notable "denied" games include some movie tie-in games, some arcade conversions and those games by Ultimate - Play the Game (now known as "Rare Ltd";)

Most games are now distributed legally in TAP or TZX format which are now supported by PsPectrum! Games can also be loaded as .SNA or .Z80 snapshot formats, or any of the aforementioned formats contain with a ZIP file. TAP or "tape" files are the best supported format to use, since these allow for true-tape emulation, and the loading of multi-load (repeated tape access) games, whilst also being the most reliable.

This is an excellent emulator, which once again has some even greater additions since it's last 0.22 release.

Some of the great features of v1.04
Full or enlarged screen-sizes though graphics stretching.
Custom Keyboard assignment - to allow you to map any keyboard combo to the d-pad and Square button controls.
Multiple-button assignment, to allow keys to be mapped to more PSP buttons such as X, Triangle etc.
Screen snapshot function - to snapshot a screen of a game which is displayed in the game-loading browser.
Individual game-configuration save fucntion - to allow you to save the screenmode / key assignments which you have set upfor playing a particular game. This comes in very handy for those games which have 4+ unique keys to assign.
Emulation core changed from HexDump's own code over to that of the Fuse emulator.
Support for TAP / TZX / Z80 / SNA and ZIP file formats.
Display now includes Speccy Border ermulation!
AY3-8912 chip (128k sound) support
Memory Poker for cheating on all those games! (no more traffic on Horace Goes Skiing!!)
Lots of careful bug-fixing and tidying on the OSK, File-Selector and more!

Change log (1.0.4):
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