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PSPdisp 0.5.1

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This program package enables the use of a Playstation Portable as an additional monitor in Windows. You can also remotely send keyboard and mouse commands to the PC. The newest version implements sound streaming, too.

PSPdisp is compromised of four components, on Windows a display driver, an usb driver and the interface application which captures the screen, compresses it and sends it over USB or WLAN to the PSP. On the PSP side there is an application that decompresses the frames and displays them.

Change log (0.5.1):
New features on the PSP:
- support for Half Byte Loader, but with these limitations
-- only WLAN mode usable, no USB mode
-- image streaming is about 30-50 % slower than on Custom Firmware
-- audio sample rates other than 44 kHz not available on all firmwares
-- screen brightness cannot be changed through the menu
-- HOME button must be pressed twice for the menu to appear

New features on the PC:
- libusb driver updated to the latest version, it now works on 64 bit systems with active driver signature enforcement
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