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PSP Tool 1.00

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PSP Tool is a multi-purpose application designed for the PlayStation Portable console to perform various general management functions with the console. Initially PSP Tool was designed just for extracting the IPL from the Memory Stick but has since expanded and incorporates many other diagnostics functions.

Change log (1.00):
- Added: Detection of HEN version under System Information (thanks to Davee).
- Added: Detection of TA-088v3, TA-090 and TA-090v2 motherboards under System Information.
- Fixed: Made a change to improve the reliability of extracting an IPL using the first option.
- Fixed: If the original PSP firmware version cannot be retrieved "N/A" will be shown instead of nothing.
- Fixed: Crash if circle is enter.
- Fixed: The battery menu can no longer be accessed if the PSP does not support reading/writting to the battery EEPROM.
- Other: Changed the wave style used.
- Other: Decreased RAM usage by a massive ~2MB.
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