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PSP MAME4ALL 4.9r2 Hires

Install directions:

- Copy in /PSP/GAME (firmware 1.5) or /PSP/GAME150 (firmware 1.5 compatibility for 3.xx OE release);
There are four different builds in archive:
1) 1.50 Kernel mode (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2);
2) 1.50 Kernel mode without neogeo and cps1 support (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2-noneogeo-nocps1);
3) 2.00 User mode (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2-usermode);
4) 2.00 User mode without neogeo and cps1 support (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2-usermode-noneogeo-nocps1);
Use psp_mame4all_v4.9r2 as installation base, then replace EBOOT.PBP with your needed/preferred build;
- Recreate zipped roms with included ClrMame compatible .DAT files (v0.34-v0.36 mixed roms);
- Add created zipped roms files in ROMs subfolder and samples in samples subfolder;
Samples must be in .sam old Mame pre-v0.35 format, downloadable from
or from

Specific Features:

- Based on latest MAME GP2X release v4.9;
- 480x272 full PSP Hires Support, now games with >320 orizz. and >240 vert. pixels are fully playable (Loderun, Galaga etc.);
- Overclock support, from 133 to 333 MHz;
- Fixed, Fixed Divided by 2, Software Scaled and Software Full Screen Stretched resolutions (all maximum 480x272);
- Frameskip as GP2X version (fixed 0-5, auto 1-5);
- Vsync on/off;
- Save configuration support, default and per game;
- 22KHz with 16 voices predefined sounds, 33KHz and 44KHz frequencies with 4, 8 and 16 voices combinations added;
- Preliminary analog support;
- Autocentering fix for all resolutions;
- Optimized compiled code as derived from GP2X version, but for PSP cpu (fastest graphics core!);
- Stripped & Packed executable, only 1.5MB;
- Original graphics theme from Gold edition (user mode version only);
- Music in menu (filename music.psp in data folder), in these supported formats: .MOD, .S3M, .IT, .XM and .OGG;
- Added, as bonus, 1st classified OldSkool at Assembly 2007 Music Competition (Commodore 64 based), in .OGG format;
- Graphic theme 480x272 BMP skins support, both pspmenu480.bmp and pspsplash480.bmp in folder skins (user mode version only);
- Dipswitches settings;

Specific Controls:

- Button SELECT: Insert credits.
- Button START: Play.

Change log (4.9r2 Hires):
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