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PSP Genesis 0.18c

PSPGenesis v0.18
This is a port of the Megadrive/Genesis emulator 'generator' to the PSP.
It currently runs about 90% of the games with sound support.

Although the author has played the emulator for hours on end without any issues,
the author cannot be held liable if this damages your PSP.

- Extract the files in this archive to the following directory:
- [MemoryStick]:\PSP\GAME\PSPGenesis

- The default Rom directory is 'Roms' in same directory as EBOOT.PBP. Although you
can put your roms anywhere on your memory stick.

Menu Controls
[D-Pad] - Browse Current Menu
[Triggers] - Switch Menus
[Circle/Cross] - Action/Confirm button
[Triangle] - Switch between country regions (in game browser)
[Select] - Return to current game (if active)
[Home] - Go back to PSP Browser

In-Game Controls
- Customisable through UI

Change log (0.18c):
- support for old save states
- Sound Quality settings (will need to restart game to apply changes)
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