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ProQuake PSP 4.71

Eboot in psp/normal folder.


1. Runs Quake properly.
2. Runs Kurok.
3. Loads Half-Life maps (try this map as an example )
4. Frag machine's custom chase cam (press LTRIGGER) to see it in action.
5. Can connect to Quake servers and has the level 1 NAT-fix (for the moment, the full ProQuake NAT fix isn't in).
5. Proper developer and usability features (cmdlist, cvarlist, hunk_print command, better warnings).
6. More debugged with many Enhanced GLQuake style features and some FitzQuake developer features.
7. Transparent sbar when not playing Kurok (cl_sbar 1 to restore to normal).
8. Bounding box fix, water rendering fix come to mind as notable bug fixes. Probably has 30 other important lesser ones but I'd have to think hard to recall.
9. Session to session command line history. So you can press the up key in the console to scroll through commands you used last session. Makes life a lot easier on a PSP.

Read included readme.txt for set-up instructions.

Change log (4.71):
Fixed texture issue.
Fixed MP3 issue.
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