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PokeMini 0.5.2

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PokeMini 0.5.4
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Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini.

The new version of the emulator (starting 0.4.x) was designed to have compatibility over performance, no real optimizations will be started until it emulate the system extremely well.

Please note that the emulator still in alpha phase.

Change log (0.5.2):
Opening .minc files now opens the linked .min files
More accurant PRC timing and triggering
Minor changes
Debugger Only:
- Recent ROMs list
- Drag & Drop ROM files support
- Added file association to .min and .minc files
- Moved PRC Counter from Timers Window to Misc. Window
- Added more special registers for printing and controlling the debug output
- Reorganized the menu
- Improved the memory content components
- Added 16-bits memory filler into memory viewer
- All viewers and main window position & size are now saved
Win32 Only:
- Fixed command-lines and closing code
- Recent ROMs list
- Drag & Drop ROM files support
- Added "Pause when inactive" window option
- Added file association to .min and .minc files
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