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PCE for PSP Version 0.83uo1

TurboGrafx-16 (also known as PC Engine) emulator for the PlayStation Portable.

Change log (0.83uo1):
- Not described, but the games (hucards) are more fluid
- In the download includes several EBOOTs (4), of which 2 are compatible with HBL (none is signed)
note: for fluids vallan games, upload the clock to 333mhz emulator

Unzip and put the folder in ms0 :/ PCEP083UO1 PSP / GAME /
Create the folder "roms" and "cd roms" in the root of the emulator.
running roms (hucards) format. pce or compressed. zip, also running isos, of which
must be in a folder with the name of the game in question and its interior usually has to be two to an iso, mp3 tracks, 1 cue and toc (with the tear out the game and then we will give the syscard3 to play).

Being a Japanese emulator to load a rom just get into the directory "roms" with Or where you have it, and run the HuCard O (pce roms)
O = accept
X = cancel
L or R to scroll through menu = the same
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