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OSWAN 0.7 for PSP 0.01

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OSWAN0.7 for PSP v0.01

■ Outline
WonderSwan Color emulator is running on the PSP.
are based on the oswan0.7.
However, to work the farm as long as the PSP v1.0.

■ Notes
Sound will not be issued.
Is also not SAVE.
ROM file size up to 4MB.
Operation is still unstable.
Does not correspond to all the buttons.
Settings can not be recorded.
There are items that do not feature in the menu. (I do about SOUND?)
Software to rotate vertically so I wanted to use the PSP
Key arrangement? ? ? May become.

■ How to use
Create the appropriate folder to / PSP / GAME / Memory Stick,
Please put the EBOOT.PBP enclosed. Then, ROM you want to run
Please copy the image folder to the WSC.
Please prepare your own ROM. Does not correspond to the ZIP file.

Please prepare something like below.
ms0 :/ PSP / GAME / WSC

Default operation:
○: A button
×: B button
START: Start button
SELECT: Menu button

With the same name as the ROM, the file extension of the SAV
Will be generated in the same location as the ROM.

■ Reference
-Based source of oswan0.7. (But what ...)
Source of RIN
• Other various reference.
-I was allowed to use the icon's pochi. .

Change log (0.01):
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