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NP2 for PSP 0.38

Google Translated...

That emulates the NEC PC-9801 series
I tried to transplant to PSP ( Neko Project II.
Is cutting corners in its own way.
The original version of the source to ver0.81a.

Takes over from Mr. sakahi of original transplant recipient
More Ver0.34, being developed by Resona Ryi hit.

Disclaimer 0)

Due to the use of this software, the author is not responsible for any damages.
Please use at your own risk only.

Preparing a)

Installation directory

Such as the "PSP \ GAME \ np2". part of the np2 can be changed to your liking.

Preparation of Japanese fonts

Please obtain the official site MAKEFONT32 Neko Project II. Under the NP2 Tool.

FontFace: MS Gothic
FontType: PC-98 Bitmap
Create a font.bmp choose, put in the install directory.
FontFace: will be good tomorrow morning, even MS.

Operation 2) Key

Soft keyboard on / off: right trigger
Menu on / off: left trigger

Mode on / off key configuration selection: SELECT
START: Configuration Key Mode Switching - pc98 mouse mode

Mode Config key / pc98 mouse
-------------------------------------------------- -
△: dependent / config configuration dependent
□: dependent / config configuration dependent
○: left click / mouse configuration dependent (* 1)
×: Right-click / mouse configuration dependent (* 1)
Move / mouse configuration dependent: Digital pad ↑
Move / mouse configuration dependent: Digital pad →
Move / mouse configuration dependent: Digital pad ←
Move / mouse configuration dependent: Digital pad ↓
Move / mouse: Unused analog pad
-------------------------------------------------- -

By checking (* 1) menu-> psp-> a Swap 98mouse buttons,
Right-click the left mouse to click the mouse, × ○ in the mouse mode when pc98
Can be changed Configuration changes are saved.

2.1) key configuration

Key configuration is done in a file called psp_key.txt.
Please put in the same directory as EBOOT.PBP.
Standard, comes with a psp_key.txt like below.

up = UP
down = DOWN
left = LEFT
right = RIGHT
circle = RET
cross = ESC
triangle = SHIFT
square = SPC
mm_triangle = SHIFT
mm_square = SPC
comment = "basic settings (move the cursor keys)"

up = [8]
down = [2]
left = [4]
right = [6]
circle = RET
cross = ESC
triangle = SHIFT
square = SPC
mm_triangle = SHIFT
mm_square = SPC
comment = "basic settings (move numeric keypad)."

· Up / down / left / right is set at the time of each digital pad is pressed
· Circle / cross / triangle / square is set at the time of ○ / × / △ / □ respectively is pressed
· Mm_triangle / mm_square is set at the time of △ / □ in each mode when the mouse is pressed pc98
· Comment is a comment that appears when you select the key settings in the configuration of the PSP. In the "" half-width
Please enclose. If you use Chinese characters in SJIS.
Line feed code, I feel that support DOS (Windows), MAC, Unix systems will be.

You can add any number of KeySetting anyway.

Key can be set as follows.

(10 non-key) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
- ^ \ @ [;:], / _.
LWIN RWIN (WIN key left) APP (WIN right key)
UP LEFT RIGHT DOWN (cursor keys)
[-] [.] [/] [*] [+] [=] [,] (10 key)
[0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] (10 key)
VF1 VF2 VF3 VF4 VF5 (function key)
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 (function key)


Rough move the cursor is analog and digital movement is easy to do fine

Key operation at the time of 2.3) soft keyboard mode

Selection of key: digital pad
Soft keyboard itself move: Analog pad
○: the key input

Screen size 3)

You can select the screen size of the shell of the following menu-> psp.

· 432x270 (0.675-fold reduction ratio by 24 dots, left and right, black screen area by a dot above and below)
· 480x272 (W * 0.75 reduction ratio wide-screen landscape, H * 0.68)
· 480x300 (0.75-fold reduction ratio, up and down will expire by 14 dots)
(Cut off times, etc., 160 right dot, dot below 128) 640x400

• If the 480x300, 640x400 does not fit in (480x272) screen of the PSP,
Overlooks the entire screen with the analog stick when they configure key mode.
• Set the selected screen will be saved.

Operating clock setting 4) PSP

· 333MHz If you check menu-> psp-> the Clock 333MHz,
Operates at 222MHz and unchecked.
· The setting you choose will be saved.

Schedule 5) (to be determined ...)

• Supports read Japanese file
• Review of UI
-All sorts of bug fixes
Speed ​​improvement

6) icon

pochi style than (,
I was allowed to use the icon for creating Mr. pochi.

7) Font

Part of the font you are using a length "10" font.

Change History 8)

• Supports sleep mode
(Enbug Faster Ver0.37) Fixed too early soft keyboard key input
• The system setup menu of the menu in the [Reset with HELP key]
(Enbug Faster Ver0.37) fix was no longer put it

• If the screen size of 640x480, bug enters the vertical line at around 512 horizontal dots (ver0.35
Fix) has been enbug
• When pc98 mouse mode, right-click mouse button on the PSP to ○,
I can be assigned to left-click mouse button on the PSP ×
-Was little bit faster

• If the screen size of 480x300 and a scroll at the bottom also be in the analog pad
Fix the problem did not appear

Addition of key configuration

Fixed a sound problem BEEP / PSG has not been playing properly
-At Startup "~Tsu Pipo" has now become.

Fixed a problem FM sound source has not been playing properly

Menu is now easy to see ...
• To eliminate the sluggish when the operation menu, the menu is displayed when the emulation
Changed to stop
• Even when you are shifting the display area, such as 640x400, PSP menu is always at the top of the screen
Be modified to a fixed display
Fixed a problem with the file selection menu, the file extension of the case did not appear
Fixed a problem in the PC98 mouse mode, the acceleration of the move upward / left of the cursor did not stop
· Creation of Mr. pochi ( pochi style
Had to use the icon
(Middle of) migrated to PSPSDK the development environment
Run EBOOT.PBP file size has been reduced considerably

Support large-screen (432x270, 480x272 (wide), 480x300, 640x400)
• Enhanced software keyboard
Fixed a (leave garbage on the screen sometimes) processing the mouse cursor
, Move to the menu (222/333MHz) Clock operation. support to save the configuration clock.
Font of the menu is now difficult to see ...

FDI-be able to read the image correction
, Was fixed in the termination process can fail
• In the x button in the menu bar or menu-> emulate-> Exit of np2
Modified to go back to Home
• After reset in the menu-> emulate-> Reset with HELP key of np2
Fix to put into the system setup menu
Simple add and configure key mode

Sound, is now out
-End processing (to go back home, to save the ini file)
-Remove the restriction of the installation directory of the decided np2
- Fixed (time its own () / localtime create ()) it was not to get the current time
-Quit () () / free malloc Nanchatte
(Malloc own using sceKernel ~ () / free () as written by)
(Create () sprintf own) fix the garbled dialog
• Change the source of the base ver0.81 → ver0.81a
Public and source

Release time being

Web site author version 8) PSP

● hit Ryi Resona (hissorii)
Resona Ryi hit dot-com: blog News system

System development blog: Emu are two - diary Emulator Hacking

● sakahi

Change log (0.38):
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