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ngPsp 1.3.1

-- *NOTE* - This build defaults to 333Mhz as it was a development build. You can still downclock the emu to 222 via the menu.
.) Removed VSync from rendering. Games get a small boost and framerate is now around 40-50 fps in most games. A improvement over being a pretty solid 30.
.) Sound code is there but ungodly bad. The author left it in this build in the hope someone can help him out with correcting it and getting it accurate.
.) Suport for using a real bios added but disabled in this build.


.) Speed improvements (listed below).
-- Some games are now running at 30-35 FPS with a frameskip of 1 (at 333Mhz).
-- Puzzle Link 2 now runs at 45-60 FPS with a frameskip of 4 (at 333Mhz).
.) Allow for a few instruction runs before checking timmers/triggers (vblank & interupts).
.) Added in a faster FETCH8 by making a special case mem read to check the rom space first.
.) Added a Load24 and write24 to mem.c to speed up the fetch24 function.
.) A color bug in B&W games was fixed.
.) Added a key configuration menu (button config is saved to memstick).

Change log (1.3.1):
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