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NES for PSP 0.5

Another emulator based on InfoNES, much like Famicontest, NES for PSP also updates and enhances the work done on InfoNES, NES for PSP focuses more on the technical side of coding rather than Famicontest's graphical side.

---Google Translated---
NES for PSP v0.5

■ Outline
NES emulator is running on the PSP.
Are based on the Ver.0.95J of InfoNES.
However, to work the farm as long as the PSP v1.0.
(Not tested in v1.50.)

■ How to use
Appropriately to create a folder / PSP / GAME / Memory Stick,
Please put the EBOOT.PBP enclosed. Then, ROM you want to run
Please copy the folder you want more than one in the image.
Please prepare your own ROM. I tried to correspond to the ZIP file.
The background image on the screen with a menu and put in the same folder as the MENU.BMP.

Default operation:
○: A button
×: B button
△: A button (fire)
□: B button (fire)
L: menu
START: Start button

■ (rather than the source) and reference
Source Hello World, the PSP!
Source of InfoNES v0.95J
Source of RIN
Source of TMK's creation InfoNES v0.94J for PSP
Source of NesterJ for PSP 1.01
Source of PSP Sound
Ruka's source for unzip
Thanks to everyone who has opened the source to the public.
I was allowed to use the icon's pochi.

Change log (0.5):
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