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MVSPSP 2.3.1 (5.03 GEN-C)

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MVSPSP Unofficial (by a different dev) 2.3.1 r4
The author separated the slim and the phat builds, and did a hardware check. If someone tried to run the slim build on the 3k, it would not work, because it doesn’t pass the slim hardware check, and as such wouldn’t be able to fully utilize the 64MB of RAM that the 3k has, and is a lot slower.

So, what I did was simply remove that check and that way you can use it on your 3k (Or anything newer for that matter). It’s not GEN/M33, it’s hardware.

Change log (2.3.1 (5.03 GEN-C)):
my main man NoEffex has re-compiled and re-released 3 rounds of NJ emulators with the M33 check removed: the Capcom CPS1 & CPS2, as well as the Neo Geo MVS.

Simply said: you can now enjoy these classic arcade systems on your Slim (PSP-2000) or 3000 using custom firmware 5.03 GEN-C.
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