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Mario Gold Rush 1.0

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Nintendo's main man, Mario, once again scores an appearance in the homebrew scene. With amazing graphics, realistic movements and the addictive gameplay. You will never stop playing this game.

This time, Mario dons his Tanuki (or racoon, whichever way you like to refer to it) costume and flies around grabbing coins in the homebrew game Mario Gold Rush. Originally just to prove whether or not the homebrew developer can focus on a project, Mario Gold Rush may not be updated frequently, if at all.

Mario Gold Rush has a simple premise: just collect coins to amass corresponding points.

Here are the rest of the details concerning the game:

* Yellow coins - worth 1 coin each, worth 350 points each
* Red bonus coins - worth 2 coins each, worth 725 points each
* Ability to change time in the options menu
* Ability to change number of red coins in the options menu
* Ability to fly - similar to the Super Mario Brother's 3 raccoon flying engine

EXTRA: Submit your highest score here to prove who's the best by using the REGULAR time and the REGULAR red coins frenquency. Please be honnest. (Comments) Sign Up!

Change log (1.0):
This is the first version of Mario Gold Rush.
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