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Jennifer (OpenBOR PAK File) 1.0

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After long months of working, i will release now!
Thanks to all who supported me, all hype, all everything.
For real, thanks.

My goal is to create a better mod than the previous, and i think Jennifer is far, far away better.
I created for me a challenge;

-Create a original game, original Story, original moves, also the game has its own theme made by music producers, and i spend long time to put the right sound effects and BGM, to create the atmosphere.
Was hard, and i need your feedback to always improve my games.

Thanks guys, i hope you enjoy the game!


Game By MasterDerico
Trailer Song by Daniel Rezende and Beto Andrade
Special Thanks to;
Aiduzzi (creator of "Ella" sprites)
Borghi (for some stages and enemies)

-Cinematic sound effects and music
-Original music theme made only for Jennifer game.
-Play as a demonic and evil character.
-Strong, controversy, deep and psychological story.
-Thematic episodes with environments puzzles.
-Perform fatalities, combos,especial and super moves.
-Several weapons to splat your enemies

Change log (1.0):
This is a mirror of the extremely hard to find PSP version. All original links for it on the developers project post are dead, gone, and missing. It comes packed with what I believe to be the OpenBOR release the developer suggests. This should only run on later model PSP units with twice as much RAM.

Try it on the latest version of OpenBOR PSP if anything lags.
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