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InfoNES for PSP v0.94J r0.3

InfoNES v0.94J for PSP r0.3


NES emulator is running on the PSP.
Are based on the Ver.0.94J of InfoNES.

/ Please copy the EBOOT.PBP to create a suitable folder to PSP / GAME.
Please prepare your own ROM. The compressed file is not supported.
The size of the ROM is then up to 8M bytes.

B: × button
A: ○ button
Will return to the menu: L + R + START.
Other keys are the same as the actual device.

Future Plans:
• Improved operability

Help Me:
Tell me specifically how to malloc.
Tell me specifically how to get the timer.

It is to "test Famikon'emyu" has emerged, in a good place fog
I think over what to expose the source end.
Although I try to migrate over here and I must stay with the people are hand in MAME,
I want to do something about that before malloc.
Then, Day has to work (laughs)

GB File Selector
Hello World, PSP!
Thanks to our great predecessors.

Change log (v0.94J r0.3):
2005/05/18 r0.3 sound support
Fix did not listen back to the menu function
Adjust frame skip

Additional optimization options 2005/05/16 r0.2 (-O3)
Fixed palette
Changed to return to menu
2005/05/15 r0.1 version published play anyway
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