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Homebrew Sorter GUI beta4

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Homebrew Sorter is a handy plugin that automatically sorts all your favorite homebrews accordingly and displays them in the XMB.

Change log (beta4):
Beta 4 changelog:
- Categories with the same name are now merged (just like game categories plugin does).
- Repeated categories are all but the first one found shown by path instead of name when sorting.
- Displays an icon0.png file that can be put inside a category directory (like irShell :p)
- Full support for game categories plugin Browser mode.
- Minor graphic updates.

About Browser mode support:
Browser Mode sorts hombrew from oldest to newest and uses eboot.pbp's date and time. The support for this mode consists on changing that dates so the top list hb will have the oldest date and the bottom list hb the newest. This is an option (disabled by default) because I don't like messing with the eboot.pbp's propierties (the other two modes game categories plugin offers sort from newest to oldest by the folders date propierties).

While enabled, the sorting will be made for both folders and eboot's propierties, so you will have the same sort order in any mode. Keep in mind that Browser mode sorts categories alphabetically, so even if you sort the categories from hbsorter that won't change.

Also, if you already sorted your homebrew and found it didn't work for Browser mode, just enter hbsorter, enable Browser mode and enter each category and save the list.

Beta 3 changelog:
- Support for 1.50 hombrew in folder+folder% style. (__SCE__ naming style already supported)
- Added ability to sort homebrew by category. A new menu appears for selecting category to edit.
- Added option "View all" that works as beta 2, but the category name is displayed like "Category: homebrew".
- If there are no categories, View All is automagically run.
- Added check for eboot.pbp file presence (if no eboot.pbp, the folder won't appear).
- Minor graphic changes (including eboot's icon).
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