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GeMP (Homer's RIN) 3.3 Final

A new version of GeMP (Homer's RIN) is out! GeMP emulates the old school Gameboy & Gameboy Color handhelds from Nintendo! v3.3 incorporates many changes, most of which I'm not even sure about... Nevertheless, here's a few:

New eLoader icon
New default menu background
A more complete file browser
Press “L” to switch between flash1, flash0, disc0, & ms0 directories
The ability to cycle to new commands in the browser using “R”
A letter input system
Press select to cycle 4 times
Background support has changed -- JPG/PNG added.
Photo viewer: When viewing a supported image, press “O” to escape, and Triangle to open commands at the bottom left of the screen.
Picture framing: During a game open menu (L+R), and go down to “GB Frame: On/Off”
Improved cheat support

Check out GeMP.doc for a little history lesson, and other details regarding this release.

Change log (3.3 Final):
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