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Famicontest 0.31

Although developed from InfoNES, Famicontest was created by Binboukamisam and enhances the work already done by InfoNES by giving it greater compatibility and better sound support.

---Google Translated---

0.31 Famikon'emyu test

■ Do what?

■ Installation
/ Please put the EBOOT.PBP to make appropriate folder under the PSP / GAME /

■ How to use
File Select
Cross movement
○ directory and forward decision
× Back to directory
Back to START PSP menu
START Back to select file
After suitable

■ Supplement
No more than this may not change the source of the emu and
Do it, wait for version up of InfoNES

Was 0.1 hack
Terrible sound dirty sound from 0.2 to
Auto Frame
0.3 sound
0.31 + + sound

I am using the source of the InfoNES

We accept the source Paku~tsu that came with the GB File Selector
· I'm sorry remain the same file or select
Has received from around the sample source whatnot

About the font;
This app
Is a bit-mapped fonts that are distributed in length "10" has been included.

Change log (0.31):
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