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e[mulator] (Source Included) 0.82f

e's e[mulator] takes another step forwards in its development with the release of v0.82f. It still packs the same NES, GameBoy, WonderSwan, GameGear/Master System, NEOGEO Pocket, and Lynx goodness as its predecessors, but includes the following updates (that was the updates section, right?) so poorly translated into Engrish by the weblator:

* the number of scan lines from 159 was modified in 160 and compatibility improved. It is thought that speed has decreased with this correction.
* drawing acceleration processing it is in the midst of mounting.
* volume of sound was adjusted the beefsteak toe.

"Beefstake toe..." Help, we need somebody, help, not just anybody, help, someone who can read the original page and translate it for us...

At least the bug file in the Readme is in English...

* not support NES disksystem
* not support GB SRAM save
* NEOGEO Pocket not support PCM.
* NGP is very slow, not support STATE SAVE.
* SMS Plus not support PCM play (depend on SMSPlus)
* CDROM2 support under construction

Change log (0.82f):
Compatibility has been improved to 160 from 159 to change the number of (a) scan line.
It is assumed that slow down this fix.
Implement the processing speed is in the drawing (2).
Tekito the volume was adjusted to (3) sound.
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