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eLoader 1.000

A few days back, we found out that Fanjita and the rest of Noobz don't forget their promises when they released the HEN/Downgrader for firmware 3.11. Today, they have released another promised homebrew application, eLoader version 1.000.

Before you go "but we already have Pandora to downgrade", this version of the eLoader is actually aimed at running those "tricky EBOOTs" on PSPs that already can and the PSP Slim & LIte. Chris Swindle explains:

As a lot of people are finding out the PSP Lite is unable to run 1.50 kernel, this means that old homebrew games are not able to run on the PSP Lite custom firmware, however eLoader makes it possible to run some of these older games without needing to recompile them. So I hope all you new PSP Lite owners enjoy getting to see some of the old homebrew games running on the new device.

Groundwork for this project was laid out by Saotome, through the first EBOOT loader. This is basically for the homebrew that HEN and CFWs can't load (read: old homebrew). The major feature for this release of the eLoader would be "support for launching via HEN and custom firmwares, including the PSP Lite" (from the readme). Another plus in this eLoader is that homebrew devs who don't own a PSP Lite can use this to check out if their creations are compatible with the PSP Lite.

Though amidst the pros come the limitations. Here are the known limitations as listed on the readme:

Can't run most kernel-mode applications.
That means anything that emulates ISOs/UMDs.
Some minor system calls are still unsupported.

Anyway, we'd advise you guys to go through the readme file as it detail important stuff about the application like the installation instructions, troubleshooting, and navigation controls, among others. You know the drill, download's below. Enjoy!

Change log (1.000):
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