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Homebrew coder CrazyC has released a new version of DOSBox, the DOS emulator compatible with the PlayStation Portable. This specific build is basically an improved version of the one released back in September.

Here's what he had to say:

Here is a test build for 3.xx kernels. It's completely untested other then I know it starts on my fat with the 3.52 kernel. It should work on the slim but at the moment, it doesn't use the extra RAM.

Also, those bus error crashes a few pages back can be avoided by using dos32a, but GTA1 still doesn't work because it runs out of memory.

Those who are familiar with CrazyC's releases know well that users sometimes need to compile things for themselves and look manually for some of the components for the program to work.

However, developer aTomIC has come up with the complete package for Sony's PSP Slim & Lite users that should save them the hassle and easily jump into old good DOS fun.

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