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DOOM Legacy Third Release

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PSP Legacy r4
A source port of the original DOOM for PC, which plays DOOM, DOOM 2, Final DOOM, and Heretic

Change log (Third Release):
Features added:
Music support (MP3)
Volume sliders
Cheat menu
Turbo (Player Setup)
Improved save game names
Reorganized HUD
Bugs fixed:
End of level screens completely fixed (stats, animations, splats, arrow, sounds (Heretic))
Restored original Heretic end of level behavior (fraction stats, no rolling count)
Intermission screens completely fixed (added missing text, increased width and max patches)
End of game screens completely fixed (stretched, fixed scroll)
DM and Coop score screens completely fixed (redesigned)
Dozens of graphics stretched/centered
Fixed map selection list (Heretic episode 4 and 5 did the same thing)
Added Heretic bonus maps (E4M1 in 3 episode version, E6M1, E6M2, and E6M3 in 5 episode version)
Fixed Heretic menu sounds
Fixed DOOM 2 and Heretic quit sounds
Restored Heretic skill 5 behavior (no confirm, no respawn)
Restored Heretic death sound behavior (wimpy, normal, crazy, gib)
Fixed Heretic tome and flight spinning icons
Fixed Heretic netgame weapon kill messages (uses its own now, not DOOM's)
Fixed bug improperly reporting tome + mace kill as telefrag
Fixed bug causing all multiplayer servers to be skill 3
Fixed netgame timelimit
Fixed Connect Server menu (spacing, name overflow)
Fixed menus escaping to wrong menu
Fixed text spacing in status messages and console
Adjusted sky textures
Can no longer end game if not playing
Loading empty game no longer ends demo sequence
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