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DiggerPSP Neoflash Edition

Digger was released on PC in 1982 by Windmill software. Andrew Jenner loved it so much that he created an open source version called Digger Remastered. This is a port of that version to the Sony PSP. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible by eating all the emeralds and bags of gold. The Hobbins and Nobbins don't seem to like you doing this and they will try to stop you. You can terminate them by squishing with the gold bags, eating them after you get the magical cherry powerup or shooting them with your slow to reload fireball.


Analog nub or dpad to move
Cross to shoot
Square to increase game speed
Circle to decrease game speed
Start to pause

I will add sound in the next version. For now, you'll just have to hum the music to yourself.

Change log (Neoflash Edition):
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