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DarkFrost 4.0

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DarkFrost is the next evolution of the DarkPR cheat plugin for PSP. It is a NitePR mod by developer demon450.

Check the readme file included in the download for further details.


Change log (4.0):
* Organized The Source, Made The File Size Smaller
* Added How Long Battery Will Last In Minutes
* Reset Copier Now Resets To Copy Address and Goes Back To "1"
* Reads Your PSP's Nickname And Prints It Out In The Initiation Welcoming You As Well As In The Credits Tab
* More Organized Dumps Using Game Id-Dump Number
* Added The Option For "Search Range" In The Searcher Instead Of Having To Press Start and Moved Remove Searches Here Too
* Made The Find Text More Compatible With The QWERTY Keyboard
* Fixed The Keyboard's Button Inputs That Overlapped Each Other
* Now Press START In The Keyboard Exit And Save The String
* Changed The Old URL To The Newer One In The Header, Also Making It Look Neater, As Well As Added The Forum URL In The Credits Tab
* Made DarkFrost Look Even FROSTIER!
* Rebuilt The Searcher!A Little Faster.
* Finally Finished Copy Text
* Now Has An Undma-er Menu, Similar To Oby1Chick's DMP
* Add New DMA Cheats
* Press Square In Exact Or Unknown Search To Add The First 200 Cheats
* Can Now Open In Homebrew And PSX! (Wherever You Can See The Home Screen You Can Use DarkFrost)
* New Reload Cheats Function That Will Bring You To A Menu That Will Allow You To Choose Which File You Want To Reload From
* Separated the Customize Colors and Buttons option
* Put Many Options In The Right Places, So Everything Is Easy To Use And More Organized
* Fixed A Scrolling Bug In The Cheater, And Made It Scroll Faster As Well
* Faster Load Cheats Function Initially And When Reloading Cheats
* Added a SFCOEnabler And RREnabler To Get On PSN With A psnabler.txt In Your darkfrost folder, To Spoof To The Most Current Firmware
* Took Out CPU/BUS Display
* Option To Toggle PSNabler Function
* More Organized Layout On The Memory Stick
* Can Save All Button Options And Browser Colors
* Removed Individaul Toggle REAL Addressing And Combined It Into One Option
* Can Now Remove Searches While The Game Is Paused
* Improved/Fixed Another Scrolling Bug
* Fixed Several Button Combo Bugs When Changing Them
* When You Exit A Cheat It Now Doesn't Go To The Top But Remains On The Cheat
* Took Out The View Initiation
* Added An Offset Log To Keep Track Of The Offsets While DMA Searching
* Took Out MIPS Instructions
* Added Reload NitePR Cheats
* Replaced Search History With Search Results
* Fixed A Few More Bugs, Like A Find Text Bug That Might Have Appended Text To The End Of The Search Results
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