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DaedalusX64 Version 782

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Nintendo 64 emulator for the Sony Playstation Portable. Just put it on (ms0:/PSP/GAME). And put your N64 roms on (ms0:/PSP/GAME/Daedalusx64 r766/Roms).

Change log (782):
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 757 - Salvy
[+] Use a jump table for ConvertImage
Rev 758 - Corn
[!] Use jump table to select native textures
Rev 759 - Salvy
[!] Optimized VI read/write
[!] Fixed a bug in PI write
Rev 760 - Salvy
[!] Implemented osAiSetNextBuffer correctly (optimized it too)
[!] Allocate 8 bytes of memory to handle SP_PC_REG and SP_IBITS_REG (so we can use the pointer table opt and fix some bugs in OSHLE when setting pc)
[~] Removed nasty hack from osAiGetLength (no longer required since osAiSetNextBuffer is implemented correctly)
Rev 761 - Salvy
[!] Optimized OS_HLE_osCreateMesgQueue (we now cache the base address)
[!] Free up 8k bytes from MEM_UNUSED region (dunno why we were using this excess of memory..)
Rev 762 - Salvy
[!] Optimized osSpTaskStartGo (HLE tasks will be loaded directly now when using OSHLE)
[!] Fixed a bug in osSpTaskLoad when setting the status reg, also optimized it to DMA directly
[+] Enabled osSpTaskYield/osSpTaskYielded (I noticed it was used in OOT)
[!] increased MEM_UNUSED alloc to store word size data
Rev 763 - Salvy
[!] Use vfpu memcpy for osSpTaskLoad (since copy is always 64 bytes, we gain from the the VFPU)
Rev 764 - Corn
[!] Disable Dynarec implementation of LWR/LWL and SWR/SWL unaligned load/store used in OOT animations (buggy)
Rev 765 - Salvy
[!] [OSHLE] ALL SP patches will call call DMA and Status directly, instead of going through the memory handler
[!] Clean ups and commenting in Memory.cpp
Rev 766 - Corn
[!] fixed missing "break;" in switch/case for CIC_6105 boot option (tnx Strmn)
Rev 767 - Salvy
[!] [OSHLE] CALL DMA functions directly for SI/PI patches
[+] Added no-check-zero-division flag to disable divide by 0 checks for integers
Rev 768 - Salvy

(speed up)
[!] Optimized guNormalize_Mario
[!] Implemented osSpTaskYielded correctly (OSHLE works for Yoshi again)
[!] For memory write funcs only use offset for look up
Rev 774 - Salvy
[!] Enabled osSetIntMask (ATM we just NOP it.. for some reasons games don't seem to bother, perhaps not important for emulation?) (Let me know if any game no longer works with OHSLE so I can try to implement it)
Rev 775 - Salvy
[!] Fixed previous rev not compiling
Rev 776 - Salvy
[!] Use new hash for texture update
[!] Ignore MakeTextureWhite in auto combiner (causes unnecessary texture updates in Zelda, anyways we ignore it in blendmodes, and have yet to see an issue)
[!] Wait abit longer before trashing textures (texture cache failures in Aerogauge is now 0, VRAM usage seems fine in my PHAT PSP)
[~] Some clean ups, disable osSetIntMask (for now, need to implement it correctly)
Rev 777 - Salvy
[!] Rewrote "full tmem emulation for palettes" implementation (based from Rice plugin, doesn't need TLUT hack, and can be modified by Sprite2D and S2DEX)
[!] Implemented correctly tlut state in Sprite2D (fixes Wipeout and other games, only when DAEDALUS_FAST_TMEM is undefined)

Note: These changes are NOP unless DAEDALUS_FAST_TMEM is disabled, by default is not since "full tmem for palettes" is slower and uses more memory than our fast implementation *Hopes Corn can port these improvements eventually :)
Rev 778 - Salvy
[!} Some cleanups in S2DEX and Sprite2D
[!} Made palette loading in S2DEX compatible with recent changes (when not using DAEDALUS_FAST_TMEM)
Rev 779 - Salvy

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 780 - Salvy
[!] Optimized Dlist loop (Now it only checks the Dlist counter when needed, also counter resets in go)
Rev 782 - Corn
[!] Reverted to old hash for texture check
[!] Removed unneeded XORing of pointers for TLUTs while copying them (using TMEM)
Rev 783 - Corn
[!] New TMEM implementation (that fixes palettes in a few games) now works without the need to copy TLUTs to TMEM.
Rev 784 - Corn
[!] Fixed typo in texture hash code
[!] Improved texture cache hash (still ain't strong enough for character selection in MK64)
Rev 785 - Corn
[!] Fixed Worms sprite flipping in S2DEX
[!] tweaked and fixed texture cache hashing
[!] fixed MK64 character selection textures (don't recall if this broke other stuff?)
Rev 786 - Corn
[!] Improved changed texture detection for Worms Armageddon
Rev 787 - Corn
[!] Fixed most texture/palette issues in Worms Armageddon and Yoshi
Rev 788 - Corn
[!] Need to check more data in Worms texture to be sure to detect a change
Rev 789 - Corn
[!] Fixed most of the blocky textures in Space station silicon valley
Rev 790 - Corn
[!] Fixes some broken SSV textures
Note: probably need to rework how RDPStateManager loads textures for a proper fix.
Rev 791 - Corn
[!] Fixed blocky textures in Paper Mario (old blend not needed anymore)
Rev 792 - Corn

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 793 - Salvy
Rev 794 - Corn
[!] Use less resources to handle valid TMEM entries
Rev 795 - Salvy
Rev 796 - Corn
[!] Tidy up RDPStateManager
Rev 797 - Salvy
[!] Increased hash table size for fragment cache to 2048 entries
Rev 798 - Corn
[!] Fixes BSOD when loading a SS of SSV after running OOT (and possibly other similar BSODs)

Rev 799 - Corn
[!] Add support for mapping analog stick as digital button (PSP.JoyUp/JoyDown/JoyLeft/JoyRight)
[!] NDC clipping planes moved out since PSP hardware clipping does a better job (see edges in OOT and Lamborghini)
Rev 880 - Corn
[!] Joystick can be swapped with Dpad (Swap=B) or with right side buttons (Swap=C). (default is no swap Swap=A )
Rev 881 - Corn
[!] Optimized Joystick swap code (and uses JoystickSwap=A, JoystickSwap=B and JoystickSwap=C as tag label in the config.ini)
[!] Added "PSP.Select" and "PSP.Note" tags for support of the buttons with the same names in controller configs
[-] Removed Assert in rdpstatemanager as it gave false positives.
[+] Added controller ini for swapping PSP Joystick as N64 Dpad (highly recommended for Kirby!)
Rev 882 - Corn
[-] Reverted NDC change for clipping (fails in Rocket Robot and Lego Racers)
Rev 883 - Salvy
[!] Simplified when setting TlutAddress when DAEDALUS_FAST_TMEM is defined
[!] Simplified and inlined TLutFormat
[!] Moved out gVertexStride outside the Tris loop
[!] Call directly TlutAddress (saves function call)
[!] Bring back recolour white texture (Is needed by Krby's clouds)
[~] Code clean ups etc
Rev 884- Salvy
[!] Fixed controllers initialization state
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