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DaedalusX64 Version 766

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Nintendo 64 emulator for the Sony Playstation Portable

Change log (766):

[-] Removed Memory_ReadInternal (only used for debug purposes anyways, saves memory too!)

Note: Debug build is busted!
Rev 669 - Salvy
[!] Simplified ConvertToPhysics (Check k0/1 in one go)
Rev 670 - Salvy
[~] Forgot this
Rev 671 - Salvy
[!] Fixed debug build
Rev 672 - Corn
[!] reverted change that causes Yoshi to BSOD
Rev 673 - Salvy
[+] Added Polish translation by malymi45
[!] Removed hacks used to correct string length of translated strings
[!] Avoid computing strlen twice when translating strings
Rev 674 - Salvy
[!] Update InsertTimer base pointer when is modified (fixes Animal Crossing no longer working with Quick methods in osInsertTimer)
[!] Enable TLUT hack for Beetle Racing (Game works fine now, Thanks King Pepper for reporting it!)
*Updated roms.ini with latest changes
*Moved Language folder to DATA directory
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