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DaedalusX64 Revision 484

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DaedalusX64 r1909
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Nintendo 64 emulator for the Sony Playstation Portable

Change log (Revision 484):
[!] Opps reverted changes NativeTexturePSP from last commit( cause several games to crash )
[+] Added (user-mode) kernel buttons library ( Props Nintendoboy13 for making the lib ! )
[+] Implemented early support to hook pause menu to home button to emulator( needs alot of work, really buggy)
[!] Disabled Callbacks...(Otherwise we get annoyances with Home button)
Note : To exit the emulator you must press SELECT in romselector (I'll add a fancy tooltip later..)
Note(2) : Make sure to put kernelbuttons.prx at the same directory as Daedalus.
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