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Claw Explorer ?

cam-maker, has released a really awesome homebrew for the PSP Genesis Competition: PSP Claw explorer, which is a multifunction file explorer for your PSP.

PSP Claw Explorer is a multi function explorer for your PSP, it has been programmed with LuaDEV. The homebrew is multilanguage: Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Deutsch.

So, what can I do with it?

You can Explore your whole Memory Stick on your PSP, run and read different file types
You can extract *.zip and *.rar files
You can read *.lua *.txt *.ini and *.log files
You can activate the usb while exploring and doing different actions
You can play *.mp3 files with a nice MP3 Player that is included on the Homebrew
You can open *.png *.jpg files, but not bigger than 512 x 512
You can see the information of any file

What can I do with the Mp3 player?

It's a MP3 Player similar to the default one, but with different wave types, and its coded starting from 0
You can choose from 4 types of waves
You can play, stop, fast forward, backwards, and even play the *.mp3 and browse + open images, all of this at the same time

I've included a readme.txt for you guys that has a full list of PSP Claw Explorer's controls if you guys wish to read 'em.

After downloading, please view BOTH ReadMe's for more info.

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