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CaSTaway PSP r006

Atari ST emulator.
CaSTaway/PSP has a whacky heritage, being essentially a port of parts of my GP32 and Palm OS versions, though theres a number of changes going on along the way :) Those ports were in turn parts of my own emu and a Pocket PC port, which is derived from a distant DOS version.

Nowadays (as of CaSTaway 006 and later) I am targetting custom firmware such as OE or M33 or the like, which can run homebrew without requiring it to be kxploited or other tricks. If you need a firmware 1.5 kxploited version or a firmware 1.0 raw version, use build 005 which includes those.. or let me know, and I can create a 1.5 kxploited version if needed.

For various Sony PSP firmware versions.. (remember, for some firmware versions you can downgrade to an earlier version if you need to.):

Change log (r006):
Fresh build for PSP Slim! Known to work on PSP-Fat 3.52 and 3.71 as well. (Let me know about any other mixes!) Minor aesthetic fixes too
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