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Ultimate VSH Menu (Revised)

This plugin replaces the standard M33 or GEN XMB user interface with Ultimate VSH Menu, which adds a bunch of extra new features to the XMB. It works with custom firmware 5.00 M33, 5.02 GEN, 5.03 GEN and 5.50 GEN.

Please note that I included the vsh.txt in this ZIP file so that you don't have to open Notepad in Windows or other word processing software. From the readme (edited by me; so read this first):

Features of this plugin are :

* All functions of the official VSH Menu.
* Ability to customize the colors.
* The SELECT button can either open the Recovery(in-VSH Recovery), the VshMenu or nothing.
* Recovery can reboot by holding R and exit the Recovery (useful for VSH plugins and other configurations).
* The SELECT button can be change via the combo R + L + [].
* VSH Recovery can be open in the VSH Menu.
* Random color option is available to change the system color randomly.
* An option in the VSH Menu to quickly start a homebrew (ms0:/PSP/GAME/VSHMENU/EBOOT.PBP).
* Convert battery option is available in the VSH Menu (convert battery to Normal, Pandora or Autoboot).
* Slim Colors Patch by Bubbletune integrate (only for psp phat).
* USB charge can be change in the VSH Menu (only for psp slim).
* Ability to hide the MAC address in the System Information.
* UMD update icon can be hide in the XMB.
* Possibility to take screenshots (combos are NOTE, R + NOTE, L + NOTE, R + SCREEN, L + SCREEN or NOTE + SCREEN).
* Ability to suspend the device in the VSH Menu.

Requirement for use it :

* All PSP with a 5.xx Custom Firmware on board (even PSP-2000v3 and PSP-3000) : 5.00M33, 5.02GEN, 5.03GEN or 5.50GEN

Installation :

* Download
* Connect your PSP to computer via USB Wire.

* Toggle your PSP in USB Mode.
* Click with right button of your mouse on downloaded file.
* Choose "extract files..."
* Choose the letter that the system attribute to your PSP in desktop.
* Click on OK and wait that all files are copied on your computer.
Note : if you have old version of UVSHM, files need to be overwrited.
* Disconnect from USB mode and reboot PSP
* Enjoy.

How to use it ?

* select : Open UVSHM menu from XMB, or go to Recovery menu, or nothing. Action depends of your settings.
* Left + Right + Square : Change the SELECT button effect.
* Up or Down : Choose an option in menu
* Right or left : change value in one option.
* X : Validate an option
* R + Note : take a screenshot (it depends of your settings)

Focus on Ultimate VSH Menu fonctions :

* CPU Clock XMB :
- Choose the processor's speed in XMB

* CPU Clock GAME :
- Choose the processor's speed in GAME

* USB Device :
- Choose between MS, Fo ,F1 F2 F3, and UMD in USB mode.

* UMD ISO Mode
- Choose between différents ISO launching ways (Normal, OE ISOFs, M33 Driver, Sony NP9660)

* USB Charge
- Accept, or not, to charge battery from USB

* Hide MAC Adress
- Hide, or not, the PSP MAC Adress

* Hide UMD Update
- Hide Update Icon from UND

* Screenshot
- Allow, or not, to screenshot and choose the key/combo to do it.
(R, R + Note, L + Note, R + Screen, L + Screen, Note + Screen, Disable)

* SELECT Button
- Allow to choose action affected to SELECT Button (Recovery, VSH Menu, or nothing) - Shortcut : L + r + SQUARE

* Random Color :
- Enabled ot disabled Random Color

* Convert Battery
- If the PSP can make it, this option can convert your battery in a pandora one or restore it to a normal one.

* ISO Video Mount
- Mount/unmount an ISO from UMD Video

* Shutodwn Devive
- Shutdown PSP

* Suspend Device
- Suspend PSP

* Reboot device
- Reboot PSP

* Recovery Menu
- Open the Recovery Menu directly from VSH


o For use the in-VSH recovery on ChickHEN & CFWEnabler, copy the vshrecovery.prx file to the seplugins folder on your memory stick.

P.S. Don't use a readme included in the file, just read here above instead.

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