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TempAR 1.4

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The reason for this NitePR/MKULTRA mod is because I wanted a way to test PSPAR codes on CFW, for me it was easier just to implement the PSPAR code types into an existing cheat device rather then try and patch the PSPAR EBOOT to run on CFW so that is exactly what I have done.

Unlike the official PSPAR cheat device a more simple code file format is utilized for loading codes, the format is much like the CWCheat cheat database format but instead of code lines being preceeded with "_L " they are preceeded with "_M ".

I also got bored and decided to implement the CWCheat code types so hopefully most CWCheat codes should work with this cheat device.

Change log (1.4):
[+] Added support for the qqq part of CWCheat pointer codes for multi-write and copy byte pointer codes, thanks to HARO for the information.
[+] If cheats are available for the loaded game the game name can be shown by pressing VOLDOWN at the cheat selection screen.
[!] PSPAR Loop codes which don't have a terminator line at the end should now work correctly.
[?] Rewrote the cheat database loading code. Now cheat files are loaded 2-3 times faster then before.
[?] Rewrote the PC converter tool.
[?] Other minor additions, changes and fixed.
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