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TempAR 1.2

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The reason for this mod is because I wanted a way to test PSPAR codes on CFW, for me it was easier just to implement the PSPAR code types into an existing cheat device rather then try and patch the PSPAR EBOOT to run on CFW so that is exactly what I have done.

Unlike the official PSPAR cheat device a more simple code file format is utilized for loading codes, the format is much like the CWCheat cheat database format but instead of code lines being preceeded with "_L " they are preceeded with "_M ".

I also got bored and decided to implement the CWCheat code types so hopefully most CWCheat codes should work with this cheat device.

Change log (1.2):
[+] Upper bits of fake addresses can now be retrieved. eg. Use 0x0A000002 to read the kernel mode buttons using the 16-bit PSPAR code types.
[+] Added an option to hijack the PSPAR button codes. This option if enabled will change PSPAR codes with code types 0x09 and 0x0A and an address of 0x09F00000 or higher to be treated as a button joker code. This makes codes such as the GTA: VCS moonjump code work without altering the code.
[+] Menu key, trigger key and screenshot key can now be configured under PRX.
[+] The POPS version now uses a different config file to the PSP version.
[+] Added PC CWCheatPOPS to PSPAR code converter.
[!] Fixed problem copying address from codelist to the Browser/Decoder.
[!] Button press prompt is no longer displayed on load. This should fix display problems with PSP Filer and probably some other homebrew/games.
[!] Fixed the 0x08 CWCheat code type.
[!] Codes which attempt to write a 16-bit value to 8-bit address or a 32-bit value to 8/16-bit address will no longer crash the PSP.
[!] MAC address patch is off by default to fix networking problems while plugin is enabled. User must remove config.bin for this change to take effect.
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