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Signed LCFW (Light/temporary Custom FirmWare) for PSP models running the official 6.39 CFW.

Change log (B10):
Change log (vB10):

[!]fix bugs: ISOCache infinite loop、unsupport>2G ISO,and Need for Speed: Carbon Own The City track disappear
[!]ISOCache default 256
[!]fix PSPGo ISO VIDEO MOUNT problem in start game
[!]fix Recovery menu low probability halt,Recovery menu cpu speed not display 333/166
[!]fix problem in ISO file name (thx to popsdeco)
[!]fix ISO file size when mounting UMD through USB (thx to neur0ner)
[!]optimize order of the patch
[!]fix the problem of decryption code
[+]reduce FastRecovery file size,speedup fast recovery (thx to neur0ner)
[+]support Satelite and Recovery menu translation file,fonts can be changed
[+]hold R to disable VSH plugins when start XMB
[+]Recovery menu add Delete Hibernation and highlight effect
[+]support 2G~4GI SO/CSO
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